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The Homewood Team

Phil Zalusky

Phil Zalusky 26, CO, USA:  Phil is one of the first Homewood team members, joining Homewood back in 2007. He's got a clean smooth style and likes to ride low-kick decks.


Matt Francis Melbourne, Australia:  Matt is also one of the first team riders for Homewood joining in 2007. He's got a fast, tech style and he has the ability of popping his tricks (even nollie heels) super high.


Estevan Rivera 23, FL, USA:  Estevan also joined Homewood at the beginning in 2007. He's always had a tech style and has continued to grow his skills over the years and is incredibly fun to watch.


Kevin King 22, PA, USA:  Kevin King is another original Homewood rider, joining back in 2007. He's left handed and has a crazy huge bag of tricks, and a style to match. He placed in the top 5 at the IFC 2012, his first competition.


Brett Gagliardo 24, NY, USA:  Brett has been fingerboarding for many many years, and has a great style. He prefers high-kick decks when he rides and has a special talent for handboarding as well!


Taylor Lucas, 23, Ontario, Canada:  Taylor is also left-handed and is incredibly talented when it comes to fingerboarding. He's also a very talented drummer, and just graduated college from a music industry arts program.


Eric Smith 28, CA, USA:  Eric Smith is most famous for his YouTube video Crime in Choir, which is still regarded as one of the best fingerboard videos ever made. His realistic style coupled with his difficult trick selection makes him incredibly fun and inspiring to watch. He's also a very talented artist, studying graphic design at America River College and California College of the Arts.


Gary Chin 21, NY, USA:  Gary Chin has been a huge influence in the world of fingerboarding, garnering millions of views on his YouTube channel with his excellent trick-tip videos.  Gary won the IFC 2012 competition and has tremendous skills in billiards and guitar as well. He's currently finishing up his college career studying film. Also left handed.


Kevin Moore 29, CA, USA:  Kevin Moore has been a friend of Homewood for a long time, and although he doesn't fingerboard as much he's definitely got some skills.  He's also a very talented DJ going by the name K-MO Beats, and is also a graphic designer. You can find some of his beats on Soundcloud under the name K-MO Beats.


Don Polarek 20, IL, USA:  Don Polarek is as talented as a skateboarder as he is as a fingerboarder. You can see him skating in his recent Breaking Bad parody video, where he tears it up at the local skatepark in a Breaking Bad costume.


Jacob Piller 23, NV, USA:  Jacob Piller is one of the newer riders for Homewood but has been around for a long time. His creative unique style makes any of his videos incredibly fun to watch. Check out his recent video on YouTube to see his awesome style in action!


Matt Medina 27, IL, USA:  Matt Medina is an incredibly nice fingerboarder who has a lot of skills that many people haven't seen.  He is always putting up cool stuff for sale or trade on his YouTube channel, and attended the IFC 2012 as well as other Homewood meetups and would make anyone struggle in a game of S.K.A.T.E.


Jack Norris 18, VA, USA:  Jack Norris is the newest and youngest team rider for Homewood, however he's quickly becoming well known in the fingerboard world for his amazing talent and a trick repertoire that would take most of us a lifetime to acquire..yet which he's acquired in just a few years.  His fast yet clean style coupled with his crazy trick combinations makes anyone entering a trick competition fear for their lives.



Eddie Sharples, 25, United Kingdom:  Eddie has been fingerboarding for over a decade, and his skills definitely show his experience. Eddie has a unique steezy style that combines lots of tech and clean landings.  Watch any of his latest videos and you'll be quick to hit that subscribe button!



Nick Hunt, 16, Newfoundland, Canada: Nick is one of the new young guns on the Homewood team. Like Jack, he hasn't been fingerboarding long yet he's already busting out insane tricks and combos you don't normally see anywhere else.  He rocks the NM Low Shape like a boss, and gets crazy pop on his tricks even with those low kicks! Super fun to watch!


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